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My name is Giulia and I'm an Italian gal living in Germany, where I do a PhD in computer science. I'm also an almost thirty-year-old millenial who hasn't figured out how to adult yet.

Growing up, I've always though that by my thirtieth birthday I'll have decided every aspect of my life (career, where to live, etc.) and become a put-together super woman who wears killer heels. Well, my thirtieth birthday is approaching and - surprise surprise! - not only nothing is decided, but also the amount of killer heels in my closet is still zero.

Me on a unicorn

I had two choices: either doing another PhD and hoping this time it'll give me some insight about what I want to do in my life, or going to therapy. Instead, I created a blog and named it Breaking Thirty.

Through this blog, I'd like to share with you my personal path in becoming the grown-up version of myself.

I'll investigate questions like: is peachy pink legal after thirty? (Look around at this website if you don't know what colour I'm talking about.) Can I still afford watching Gilmore Girls and crying at the end of every episode? Should I dream of being already paying the mortgage for a two-floor house with a garden in the suburbs and living pay check by pay check for the next twenty years? Will I look more reliable at work and increase my chance of getting promoted if I say I have a Golden retriever with a bandana that I walk every morning at 5am? Is a fifteen-year delay a red flag when it comes to breast size or is it a totally normal puberty process? Is motherhood what I'm ultimately born to crave? And obviously... Do unicorns exist?

If you're interested in these topics, then I invite you to join this beautiful community and subscribe to the Breaking Thirty Newsletter for updates (see the form below). I post twice a month and I write both in English and Italian. I'm looking forward getting in contact with you!


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